Alex Pascall’s Good Vibes adds diversity to London radio

By Thomas L Blair, copyright Dec. 28, 2015

Alex-Pascall-300x191Back on radio, live and direct. Alex Pascall, the legendary griot of BBC radio Black London fame, is now reaching out to the capital’s diverse 8million population – “Black, white or indifferent”.

Billed as a hamper full of entertainment,  Pascall”s Good Vibes for Londoners featured his snappy commentaries and music from around the world, when aired on Boxing Day.

Episode 2 will feature Jamaica’s Miss World 1976 Cindy Breakspeare, BAMAAPC, and rare insights into Alex’s archives.

“Nice one, Alex. A great start. Pascall conquers another media. Nuff respect” said Milverton Wallace, digital media and online journalist.

With  “likes” like this, the show should be a winner and feature on You Tube

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One thought on “Alex Pascall’s Good Vibes adds diversity to London radio

  1. Dear Chronicleworld Weblog Readers.
    We launched Good Vibes for Londoners successfully, and will do the second broadcast in the New Year.
    The sooner the better because the programme needs to get hold quickly. My focus London as a magnificent city on the cross road of the world.
    In fact, my song “London City” sung by Arrow in the broadcast is special for me.
    It reflects the history, pomp and ceremony of the city I remember from the Pathe News Reels in the cinemas back home in Grenada.
    Happy to hear your views on tunes and topics for the next broadcasts.
    Alex Pascall Good Vibes for Londoners.

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