BREXIT – Who has the sovereign power to secede?

By Thomas L Blair 26 June 2016 ©

David Lammy MP for Tottenham

David Lammy MP for Tottenham has tweeted a bold  stand against the “madness” that infected the in-or-out  debates and the popular vote to exit the European Union

“Wake up. We do not have to do this.

We can stop this madness through a vote in Parliament”.


But what’s the basis for this brave claim?

With a bit of reading up on British law, I  pose this question for your considered opinion, comment or corrections:

In Great Britain, who or what institution has the authority to enter into or secede from international treaties:

(1)  the people,

(2) the government,

(3) Parliament,

(4) the Crown?

Your opinions are welcome for publication

3 thoughts on “BREXIT – Who has the sovereign power to secede?

  1. Furthermore,
    “The British Parliament is sovereign and it is accountable to the people — but through elections at which we choose those whom we want to represent us, not through referendums. To rub in the point, Members of Parliament are representatives, not delegates, the difference being they are there to decide what in their judgment is good for us and the country, not simply to do what we say.”

  2. Trends and analysis shows that the Brexit camp did not have answers from the beginning as to where they were taking the country, all they did is played of the minds of the deprived by using false representation which they knew would get them to vote with hearts instead of heads.

    Alex Pascall

  3. “It was already clear before the Brexit vote that modern populist movements could take control of political parties. What wasn’t clear was whether they could take over a country like Britain. Now we know they can”. Source: Tony Blair in The International New York Times
    The Opinion Pages | OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR
    Tony Blair: Brexit’s Stunning Coup
    By TONY BLAIRJUNE 24, 2016

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